My passion and mission in life is to help lead people back HOME to themselves by helping them heal, stand in their own truth, release old patterns, and begin leading authentic and fulfilling lives.

I do this by helping people find their sacred self-care prescription of blending and balancing both Western medicine and Holistic practices to heal grief, manage chronic illness and reclaim their life.

As a Registered Nurse, educator and reiki practioner, I have had a strong focus on guiding people in grief, chronic disease or any form of suffering.

I believe in the power of healing using many different modalities. With this, it is my intention to help those who are suffering develop compassion and build resiliency by embracing their own unique story.

I believe that in order for true healing to occur one must consider all levels of healing; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

I believe true change all starts with you.

When you take the first step I am able to help you not only survive the loss and grief that accompanies chronic disease or the loss of a loved one, but move from a place of simply surviving to a place of thriving.

Working with countless individuals and their families I have witnessed firsthand how chronic illness, grief and loss can impact lives. I have also personally been affected by grief, loss and chronic illness.

My personal healing journey …

Began in 2013, when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. This didn’t come as a surprise as I had struggled with digestive issues for most of my life in some form. At this particular time in my life I was also dealing with tremendous stress in my life. My only sibling, Danny was bravely fighting an incurable neurodegenerative disease that took his life in 2016, at the young age of 25. He fought this disease for eight years prior to his passing, and without the tools to find balance and process my emotions during this time in my life, I dealt with the stress and trauma by suppressing, overthinking, overworking and overstressing. Before long, I unintentionally lost myself and neglected my body, mind, and spirit. My high-stress life started to unravel me, which manifested itself through crippling anxiety and an autoimmune diagnosis.

This ultimately forced me to slow down and re-evaluate all aspects of my life.

As my health continually deteriorated, I was eventually introduced to the world of alternative and holistic healing. At the time, my autoimmune disease was not responding to any conventional treatments and my specialists termed me a “non-responder”.

At the age of 26, I was terrified for my life and my mental and physical well-being.
Eventually, I decided to take my health into my own hands and dove head first into functional medicine and holistic therapies including, holistic nutrition, hypnotherapy, reiki, reflexology, emotional freedom technique, energy work and MANY other professional therapies.

I immediately became aware of how food influenced my sense of health and mood. Nutrition, herbal remedies and relaxation therapies were what I found to be the most effective in encouraging a positive turn in my health. I also quickly learned how strong the mind – body connection is and how much my overall stress was negatively impacting my health. I was finally finding answers, and experiencing relief.

With these many therapies and practices, I noticed a profound improvement in my health and wellbeing and I knew others like myself could benefit from these practices as well.

I believe that every human has the capacity to move towards a more comfortable life experience as we explore the pathways to our own awakening – and our unique healing path. With this exploration, my work has transformed into a deeper calling to empower and educate others about their bodies and emotions.

Now that I’ve shared my story, I’d love to hear yours!